English Analogies and Vocabulary

Analogy questions are integral part of many domestic as well as foreign tests. Here, in this module, you will learn:

  • Key facts What the questions are and what they evaluate. Every step has been discussed with key facts.
  • Basic Levels The Modules starts from very beginning to the advanced level.
  • Lessons Whole section has been divided into integrated lessons for better understanding.
  • Types Analogies are classified on the basis of relations between the word pairs.
  • Summing up

Analogies Vocabulary and Word Lists

You cannot avoid memorizing wordlists as English vocabulary is the root of analogy section. You must expand your vocabulary base. Without a large base of at least 10,000 words (including which you have already memorized during your studies in school and college level). Its mean you should learn at least 2000 new words which very often appear in the test.

Where from the new words you can have to memorize. You can download the wordlists from here from the following link.

Vocabulary and Wordlists

Practice Questions and Solved Examples

Every type of analogy questions has been discussed with the help of examples and solved examples. After taking all lessons with solved examples you'll find the link for practice questions in interactive mode.

Practice Questions
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