Lesson: Analogies - 07

Analogies: Attention to Capitalized words

Pay Attention to a Capitalized Word’s “Charge”—Positive, Negative, or Neutral If one of the capitalized words has either a negative or positive connotation, the corresponding word in the correct answer choice will be similarly “charged.” But if the capitalized word is neutral, the corresponding word in the correct answer choice must be neutral as well. Let’s apply this strategy to a -style Analogy:


  1. fearful : timidity
  2. joyful : emotion
  3. painful : soreness
  4. sluggish : pace
  5. odious : smell

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Practice Questions

Example Solution

  1. Crossfearful : timidity
  2. Crossjoyful : emotion
  3. Crosspainful : soreness
  4. Crosssluggish : pace
  5. Checkodious : smell


The correct answer is (E). The word DETRIMENTAL (harmful) describes a negative type of IMPACT, which is neutral in itself. So the best answer choice’s first word should have a negative slant, while its second word should be neutral. You can eliminate choices (A) and (C) because, in each one, the second word (timidity or soreness, respectively) has a negative charge. Conversely, you can eliminate choice (B) because the first word (joyful) is positively charged. That leaves choices (D) and (E). The word sluggish describes a very slow pace, but it does not have a strong negative connotation. On the other hand, odious (which means “repulsive”) is clearly a negative slant on the neutral word smell. So even if you didn’t know what odious means, you could eliminate all other choices based on how their words are charged.

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