Sentence Correction Preparation with Lessons

The root element of Sentence Correction section of the GMAT and SAT is English Grammar. You cannot perform well on verbal part of the GMAT or SAT if you are not proficient in English Grammar. However; Not every concept of the grammar is tested on the GMAT or SAT like tests but you need minor concepts and detail.
You can have grip on what is tested on the test by using effective grammatical and strategical techniques and tips. Here in this site you'll find useful tips and explanation of each topic of English grammar useful for taking effective lessons on sentence correction. These lessons provide you details of what is GMAT or SAT sentence correction and improvement sections and how you can meet the challenges found in each question.

For taking lessons, follow the steps

Step 1: English Grammar Review

In this module, you will learn the grammatical rules that are tested most often on the test, practice applying the rules through several exercises, and learn about how this knowledge is tested on your test.
English Grammar Review

Step 2
Basic Sentence Correction

In this module, you will learn the structure of sentence correction questions, the CAT methods for sentence correction, the most commonly tested grammatical rules, and how sentence correction questions test grammar skills.

Step 3: Challenging Sentence Correction

In this module, you will learn the most commonly tested grammatical rules, how to find and eliminate stylistic error, how to make effective guesses.

Step 4: Practice Questions

After the completion and understanding the lessons, you must take practice questions. In this set of practice questions you'll find the questions of all type discussed in the lessons.
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