Lesson: Analogies - 10

Analogies: Elimination of Choices

If you find yourself stretching to find a link between an answer-choice word pair, consider your dilemma a hint that you should eliminate that choice without even thinking about the capitalized words pair.

Elimination of choices make you give answer of the question analogy easily. Here’s an analogy that illustrates this point


  1. abstract : transcript
  2. tardy : meter
  3. public : celebrity
  4. narrow : proportion
  5. underground : crime
Practice Questions

Example Solution

  1. Checkabstract : transcript
  2. Crosstardy : meter
  3. Crosspublic : celebrity
  4. Crossnarrow : proportion
  5. Crossunderground : crime


The correct answer is (A). Without even considering the capitalized pair, you can eliminate choice (B), since tardy and meter are unrelated to each other (unless you really strain for a connection—which the test designers don’t expect of you). In each of the remaining pairs, the two words are somehow related. For the record, an inherent characteristic of MERCURY is that it is unstable (the opposite of STABLE). By the same token, a transcript is by definition a complete and accurate record of a real-life event, quite contrary to something that is abstract.

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