Chemistry Lessons and Download MCQ

Some colleges or universities require  Chemistry Subject Tests as part of the application for admission. This may be especially true if you’re interested in a specific major or program of study.

Chemistry is a subject which affects 99% of high school students. Taking Chemistry subject test is not a joke not only does it require that you have a solid understanding of the concepts of chemistry but also a test taking instinct.. This guide devotes little of its precious few lessons refreshing your chemistry knowledge. All of the questions on the test are MCQ (Multiple Choice Question). MCQs offers you options to select as a correct answer.

Chemistry Subject Test Content

Structure of Matter, States of Matter, Reaction Types, Equilibrium and Reaction Rates, Thermo-chemistry, and Descriptive Chemistry are the main topic that are covered on the test.

For taking lesson, follow the steps

Step 1: Chemistry

Chemistry lessons gives you understanding what is test on the subject test Chemistry.

Step 2: Practice Questions

After the completion and understanding the lessons, you must take practice questions. In this set of practice questions you'll find the questions of all type discussed in the lessons.
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