Reading Comprehension - Critical Reading

Reading is one of the most important academic tasks faced by students. Strategies designed to improve reading comprehension may have any number of purposes.

  • To enhance understanding of the content information presented in a text
  • To improve understanding of the organization of information in a text
  • To improve attention and concentration while reading
  • To make reading a more active process
  • To increase personal involvement in the reading material
  • To promote critical thinking and evaluation of reading material
  • To enhance registration and recall of text information in memory


Reading comprehension questions are part of almost all aptitude tests. Minimum of 4 questions are encountered by the test taker on the test. Reading skill require a lot time to be developped. But some usefull strategies make it possible to deal with these questions.

Reading Speed

Many of the students feel difficulty to meet the required speed to read the question statement paragraph. You must develop speed reading to solve such questions.

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