Practice MCQs

Practice sample questions and lessons for major sections of pervailing tests in Pakistan.

Subjec Sections - Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Biology

MCQs of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology sections of the tests.

Quantitative (Mathematics)

Quantitative section of commonly pervailig tests include arithmetic, word problems, algebra, and geometry.

Quantitative Comparison

In this section, a test taker is asked to compare two quantities.

Verbal (English)

Multi types of questions are found in verbal (English) section of the test. Analogies, antonyms, synonyms, sentence completion, sentence correction, and reading comprehension are majore types.


Analogies section is based on vocabulary and verbal logic.


Antonyms in which a test taker is to find the word of opposite meaning to the main word.

Sentence Correction

To solve Sentence Correction MCQs of the test is based on English grammar and understanding of English as language.

Sentence Completion

Sentence Completion is based on English vocabulary and logical.

Reasoning and Logical

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