Lesson: Analogies - 11

Same Topic as the Capitalized Pair

A Analogy might include an answer choice containing words involving the same general subject matter as the capitalized pair. Never assume it’s the best choice—but don’t eliminate it solely on this basis, either. You must be cautious about the answer choices involving the same topic as the capitalized pair has. Always compare each answer choice to the capitalized pair without regard to similarity or dissimilarity in topic. Here’s an Analogy that incorporates this type of red-flag answer choice:


  1. sophisticated : backward
  2. fulfilled : envious
  3. pessimistic : rosy
  4. loyal : steadfast
  5. smart : ignorant
Practice Questions

Example Solution

  1. Crosssophisticated : backward
  2. Checkfulfilled : envious
  3. Crosspessimistic : rosy
  4. Crossloyal : steadfast
  5. Crosssmart : ignorant


The correct answer is (B). A TRAITORIOUS person is one who betrays the trust of another, of a TRUSTING person. The key here is that the two words are not antonyms; rather, they define a relationship between contrary sorts of people. The red-flag answer choice here is (D). The words loyal and steadfast both involve the same concept as traitorous and trusting. But loyal and steadfast are simply synonyms of each other, and so choice (D) provides a poor analogy—probably the worst of the five choices.

You can also eliminate choices (A) and (C), which merely provide pairs of antonyms. As for choice (E), a smart person does not necessarily have any relationship with an ignorant person. That leaves choice (B). An envious person requires an object of that envy, usually a person who is fulfilled in ways that incites the other’s envy. The analogy with the capitalized pair is hardly perfect, but it’s stronger than the other four choices.

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