Lesson: Analogies - 21

Analogies: Summing Up

  • Analogy questions test your ability to understand the relationship between two words, and your facility with vocabulary.
  • Analogies contain words only (no phrases); in all six word pairs for each question, the first word is of the same part of speech (noun, verb, or adjective); the same is true of the second word in all six word pairs per question.
Practice Questions
  • For each Analogy question, you must determine the meaning of each word in the original pair and then determine how the two words are related before applying that relationship to the five answer choices. Create a sentence that expresses the relationship and plug in each answer choice. Eliminate choices that clearly don’t work. If more than one answer is left, retool your sentence to narrow the choices further. Then choose the best answer. It may not be a perfect match, but it should be the closest fit among the five choices.
  • Follow and review the 5 basic Levels for handling Analogy questions outlined in this chapter and apply them to any Practice Tests. Then review them again just before exam day.


Vocabulary builder has been included in this module. For better scoring on the Analogies section of the test one must develop a strong vocabulary base.

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Miller Analogies Test (MAT)

The Miller Analogies Test (MAT) is an exam administered by the Harcourt Assessment at Pearson testing centers. The MAT is an admissions exam accepted by many graduate programs in the United States. Additionally, it is used by many high-IQ societies across the world as an admission requirement. The MAT is intended to assess logical and analytical reasoning through completion of partial analogies. The test duration is 60 minutes and contains 120 questions. Exam formats include both computer-based tests (CBT) and paper and pencil format.