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Write & Type Your Essay

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Step 4 Write & Type Your Essay
Take Advantage Of The Computer Format !
about 20 minutes, all told

Some people believe that second-language fluency is crucial to individual development and international accord, and so they maintain that language training should begin very early. Others feel that second-language fluency is not necessary to most Americans, and that elementary school should be devoted to basic skills.
Task Write a strong thesis sentence. What does strong mean? Look at a hint.

Write a strong thesis sentence in the text box on the main screen, and then click the example button  to read some examples.

Task Write Paragraph One to lay out the "Winner" position. Start with your strongest points first.

Here's an example of what a first paragraph may look like:

Task Write Paragraph two to show why the "Loser" position isn't as good. Grant the "Loser" side some validity, but then explain the problems with that position.

Here's an example of what a second paragraph may look like:

Click the "print" icon on your browser to print out the paragraphs you have written. Re-read them and see how they match up to the examples given.

Next to display next topic in the chapter.

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