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Organize Your Thoughts

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Step 3 Organize Your Thoughts
A Rough Outline Will Really Pay Off !
About a minute

Some people believe that second-language fluency is crucial to individual development and international accord, and so they maintain that language training should begin very early. Others feel that second-language fluency is not necessary to most Americans, and that elementary school should be devoted to basic skills.

TaskNumber the points you want to make, in the order you think will be most effective.
The computer format makes it easy to shift text around, so many students like to type their outline directly rather than use scratch paper. Having gotten their points outlined, they cut and paste those points in more or less the right order, and then type in text to "fill the gaps." This takes practice. Other students prefer to do a rough outline on scratch paper.
Once you've organized the points you want to make, move to Step Four and start writing. v>
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