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The CAT Method For "Analyze the Issue," Summarized

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Step One: Take the Prompt Apart
  • Frame the basic issue as a question.
  • Sum up the opposing sides: "Those in favor believe X; those opposed believe Y."
  • Interpret terms that need interpretation.

Step Two: Select the Points You'll Make
  • List some pros and cons of each side.
  • Flesh out your arguments by thinking of underlying assumptions; future consequences; and other beliefs held by each side.
  • Choose your side.
Step Three: Organize Your Thoughts
  • Number the points you want to make, in an effective order.

Step Four: Write & Type Your Essay
  • Write a strong thesis sentence.
  • Write Paragraph One. Lay out the "Winner" position, starting with your strongest points.
  • Write Paragraph Two. Grant the "Loser" side some validity, and then explain the problems with that position.

Step Five: Proofread Your Essay
  • Insert appropriate Keyword signals as needed.
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