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The preparation process should seem less overwhelming now that you've been working through our first few points. Now's the time to start repairing your weaknesses. But how?

If you try to repair too many problems at once, you'll just get more frustrated.


Make a list of your test-taking weaknesses.

List everything that you'd like to improve before test day. Then decide which ones are the most important to tackle this week, and set up a schedule for doing so.

Stamina is not a Problem

Come up with concrete steps to take. Example: If stamina is a problem, set up a full-length proctored test experience for yourself. If you have trouble with a particular question type, set aside a couple of hours to work on nothing but that question type.

Set up a similar schedule for each week of practice time.


Your time can be best employed in skills practice - that is, in working on one question type or passage type at a time.

Each week in the time that remains, continue this process, and try to make some progress on a limited number of your problem areas.

Don't seek to solve every problem, because seeking full solutions may be setting yourself up for disappointment. But setting particular goals will yield significant results.

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