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Physics Subject Test is different from the tests that you're used to taking. On your high school / College exams, you probably go through the questions in order. You probably spend more time on hard questions than on basic ones, since hard questions are generally worth more points. And you often show your work since your teachers tell you how you approach questions is as important as getting the right answers.
Well, forget all that! None of this applies to the test. You can benefit from moving around within the tests, hard questions are worth the same points as basic ones, and it doesn't matter how you answer the questions or what work you did to get there--only what your answers are.

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Order of Difficulty

Not all of the questions on the test are equally difficult. The questions often get harder as you work through different parts of the test. The pattern can work to your benefit. When working on more basic problems, you can generally trust your first impulse--the obvious answer is likely to be correct. As you get to the end of a test section, you need to be a bit more suspicious. now the answers probably won't come as quickly and easily--if they do, look again, because the obvious answers my be wrong. They may be distractors--wrong answer choices deliberately meant to entice you.

You Don't Need to Answer the Questions in Order

You're allowed to skip around the Mathematics Subject Tests. High scorers know this fact. They move through the tests efficiently. They don't dwell on any one question, even a hard one, until they've tried every question at least once.