GRE Computer Sciences

GRE Computer Science subject test is one out of the eight GRE subject tests. Computer science test is conducted for admissions to the CS graduation programs in the US. GRE is used to evaluate test taker's subject knowledge.

The total number of questions is 70. All questions are multiple choice (MCQ) some of which are grouped in sets and based on such illustrations as diagrams, graphs, charts, and program fragments.

The GRE Computer Science subject test is also paper based (PBT). The test is conducted based on schedule round the year. You must follow the schedule to take the test.

The approximate distribution of questions in each edition of the test according to content categories is indicated by the following outline.

The percentages given are approximate; actual percentages will vary slightly from one edition of the test to another.

GRE Computer Sciences Sample Questions

Practice questions play an important role in your preparation. You can download standard practice question from here for the familiarity of the test questions.

Download Sample Questions

Major Topics

The approximate distribution of questions by content category is shown below.

Topics and Percentage of Questions


Example areas include numerical analysis, artificial intelligence, computer graphics, cryptography, security and social issues.

Note: Students are assumed to have a mathematical background in the areas of calculus and linear algebra as applied to computer science.
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