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Working From A Computer Screen during GMAT CAT

You must be comfortable transferring data to scratch paper in a CAT. Since you can't manipulate text or data on the screen, you will need to transfer the appropriate information to your scratch paper to solve many problems. Although this sounds simple, it takes practice; otherwise you may find yourself transferring too much or too little data on test day.

During your Exam course, treat questions in your Lesson Book and Home Study Book as if they were on a computer screen. Practice transferring data and working from your scratch paper.

You can use the tutorial at the start of your CAT to set up your scratch paper. The tutorial is of unlimited duration and is not tested. List any formulas or methods you might need. Organize your scratch paper something like the page shown below. The page on the left has space for you to organize your two essays. The back of this page, and the front and back of the page on the right, each have space for scratch work on 8 problems.

Scratch Work  
















Essay 1




Essay 2