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The CAT Pacing Method For Attacking the Exam, continued 3

On the last two thirds of the section:

  • You should feel challenged.
  • Strategic guessing is very important. Be willing to cut your losses.
  • Make an educated guess whenever a question looks too time-consuming.
  • Try to manage your time so that you will be able to finish and won't have to guess randomly at the end.
  • Missing any one question won't hurt your score (much), but missing a string of questions will.
  • If you are out of time, guess, even randomly if you have to, on the remaining questions. An unanswered question will hurt your score more than a wrong answer.

Questions in the last two thirds of the Exam do not affect your score as dramatically as questions in the first third. Therefore, while you should still approach the questions carefully and deliberately, you can afford to move a little more quickly through that part of the section. Similarly, it is safer to eliminate and guess in the last two thirds than it is in the first third.

Pace yourself this way whenever you practice a Exam section.