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CAT Testing Implications, continued 2

There are four very important things that you should know which stem from the way the computer finds your score:

Clever guessing is essential

The guessing correction assumes that you have only a 1 in 5 chance of guessing correctly. However, if you can eliminate even one answer choice that you know is wrong, the formula is skewed in your favor!

Don't leave any questions unanswered

If you leave any questions nanswered, you will receive a substantial penalty. Don't leave any questions blank; guess to the end of the section if you run out of time.

You will be challenged

There is no way around it — the CAT works to find questions at the limits of your abilities. You will find it difficult. But that's a good thing. Hard questions are your friends, you need them to get a great score.

You cannot skip or go back On the Exam CAT, you see only one question at a time. You must answer that question before you move on.

You can't go back and change the answers to any of the questions you have already seen. Once you answer a question it's part of your score, for better or for worse. This means you cannot skip around within a section and do questions in the order that you would like.