Calculate your Score for MS in USA

Select the inputs to calculate your chances to have admission in a university for MS in USA. After the calculations a list of suggested university will be given.

Your GRE Verbal Score:
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Under graduation score (BE / / Medicine or Equivalent):
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You can apply to universities of grade: D

List of USA universities

You can find the list of universities of USA for your MS program based on your score:

Universities of Grade D

Keep in mind that some universities prefer under-graduate percentage than GRE/TOEFL scores and some others give importance to test score rather than academics. You can find more information in the website of the University.

Lists of universities based on their GRE requirement have been incorporated in this section of the site. You can select the university on the basis of your overall score. Falling in the score range of the university does not mean that your application will be accepted. There are many other factors that influence the selection by the admission office. So it is required that you read all sections of this module.


  • Apply to 2 universities above your Grade
  • Apply to 2 universities in the Grade you got
  • Apply to 1 school in the lower grade from the one you got. This will be a safe school for your profile.
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