Engineering Universities in Sindh

Sindh is the education developing province of Pakistan. Karachi and Hydrabad are two major cities which have a large number of high learning institutions. Jamia Karachi is world famous name in education. NED and DOW are operating in the field of engineering with an acknowledged history in excellence.
Every year a large number of skilled engineers are developed for the satiation of the industry and education. Due to law and order situation in Karachi and other areas of Sindh, the students from other provinces do not like to go to Sindh for education. On the other hand the students from Sindh go to Punjab for higher education.
If you have domicile from inside of Sindh, you can easily get admission in institutions of Karachi. However; foreign students come to Karachi for higher education as there is law and order problems of National level and not of international level.

Universities for Engineering Sciences Bachelor Degree (Main Campus in Sindh)

Engineering Universities for MS and M. Phil.

Engineering Universities for Doctorate Degree

Admission Procedure

A candidate must apply on a prescribed form obtained from department or download from their website. A filled application form must be submitted to the department. An entrytest is an essential requirement by all institution for the admission. ECAT is the major entrytest which is administered Govt of Sindh, however; many other universities conduct their own entrytest. Some of them also accept NTS NAT-IE as their entrytest.

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