NUST - BS Computer Science Past Papers Download, Previous Merit and Eligibility Criteria

NUST: National University of Science and Technology

National University of Science and Technology (Islamabad) - Punjab (Main campus in Islamabad) Under Graduate degree in Computer Sciences for admission 2018 - 2019.

NUST BS Computer Sciences Programs

NUST Bachelor of Computer Science (BS) degree is a unique degree program. It is designed for persons who are interested in either:
  • making a career into information technology
  • combining their own field with computer science
NUST Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BS) program educates and trains students to create solutions for information systems-based needs and problems in commercial, financial, government and other organizations. NUST expert faculty use a revolutionary teaching approach which integrates theory with hands-on application of information technology and business systems.

Download Past Papers

Download past papers of NUST for Under Graduate in Computer Sciences. All these papers are based on interviews of previous test takers.

NUST Test pattern and Preparation

National University of Science and Technology admission criteria includes an aptitude test for Under Graduate degree. Prepare free the test of NUST for BS Computer Science.

Test Pattern and Preparation

Skill Development

The BS Computer Science program at NUST has been designed to produce professionals who have excellent problem solving ability and can solve complex computational problems by critically thinking and analyzing the problems. The curriculum provide a balanced mix of basic science, technology, linguistics and business related areas to produce graduate capable of holding leadership position both in research and non-academic sectors.

For detailed Eligibility Criteria.

The eligibilty criteria information is based on previous years specially 2017