GRE - Sentence Equivalenec

Sentence Equivalence is comparatively new setion on the GRE. Without knowing the effective techniques for the questions you cannot peform well. In this module we'll show you the most common types of errors tested on the GRE and how to spot them.

Read the Instructions

The test writers ask you to choose the best answer, by which they mean the answer they think is right. Some of the Correct answer choices in this section will probably not sound correct to you.

Use of Vocabulary and Grammar

Like other sections Senetence Equivalence also require a solid base of vocabulary. You cannot be confident to solve the questions without a wide base of English vocabulary. At the same time you also have grip on English grammar as well.

Use of Synonyms

The words used in this section are confusing and often difficult to memorize and understand. If you have learnt synontms you will find the questions easy. For learning Synonyms go to the section of synonyms in this site.

English Grammar

You can make your use of English Grammar in this section learn it in this site.

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