FBR Post of Income Tax Inspector Past Sample Papers

FBR conducts the exam for the evaluation of the applicants for the posts of Income Tax Inspector job. The exam is based on two papers:

Paper Distribution

General Knowledge
Pakistan, International
Number Series, Numeric Ability Test, Basic Arithmetic

Preparation of the Exam

All parts of the test for Income Tax Inspector post of FBR are available to prepare here.

Past Papers and Sample Papers

Past papers and sample papers for the exam of Income text inspector are available in the download section.

Past Paper Questions with Answers

  • Analyze the factors that resulted in the downfall of Muslim empire in Delhi? Was it possible in the early decades of 19” century to stop degradation of Muslim rule in India? Give solid arguments. Answer
  • In the earlier reformers the role of Shah Waliullah is significant one his social political and religious services stemmed the tide of down fall in Muslim society?Answer
  • Syed Ahmad Shahid Tehrik-e-Mujahedeen Kindled the spirit of freedom among the Muslims. Give the detailed account of the movement?Answer
  • Daral-Aloom-Deoband was a movement that arrested the down fall of Indian society discuss? Answer
  • What do you known about the services of the Anjman Himayat-e-Islam? Answer
  • Nadavant-ul-ulma was the synthesis of Ali Garh and Deoband. Discuss. Answer
  • Write note on the formation of Congress? Answer
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