Lesson: Chapter - 10


The Earth is a great web of interaction between various biotic organisms and nonliving, abiotic factors that make up their environment. The study of this web, and of the interactions that shape both living organisms and the environment in which they live, is called ecology.

Video Lesson - Ecology

Ecology is a critical component of biology; in some sense, it is the place where everything we have learned up until now fits together and functions in the real world. Up until this chapter we have studied biology in an increasing hierarchy:

  1. The Cell
  2. Biochemistry
  3. Tissue
  4. Organ
  5. Organism

Video Lesson - Components of Ecosystem


Ecology takes individuals and puts them into larger contexts:

  1. Population
  2. Community
  3. Ecosystem
  4. Biome
  5. Biosphere


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